New Year Resolutions

Family Force FiveI don’t usually make New Year Resolutions…  but this year, hey, why not?

So here they are:

1.  Listen to more “Family Force Five” (They make me smile!)

2. More Triathlons.  I only did one this year and I have to say, I didn’t really train for it very well.  I need serious motivation to get me to exercise.  I’ve realized that if I’m not training for anything, then there’s not reason to train.  So Sprint Triathlons seem to motivate me very well.  If it wasn’t for Michelle Rushton signing me up for one last year, I would have never done it.

3. Routines!  I’m going to work hard this year to get into routines… not rituals, but routines.  For example, I want exercise to become a part of my weekly routine.  I want reading through the Bible to be a part of my daily routine.  I want date nights to be a part of my weekly routine…  Thus, the rest of my resolutions.

4. Date Night!  We always talk about this and we actually follow through every once in  a while (albeit every once in a long while).  This year, I’d like to have a consistent date night with a steady baby sitter.

5. Guy’s Night Out!  Not what you might think of a guys night out, but what I’m thinking about is a night (or day) where my two boys and I hang out.  That Father/Son time is crucial! 

6. Consistent Bloggin!  I’m realizing that blogging is a great way to communicate with people that I don’t see all the time.  With my new Iphone I can blog anywhere, anytime, but I’d like to setup a time (preferrably Mondays) where I spend an hour or so blogging.

7. Consistent Gatherings with my teams!  I’ve already kind of set this into motion with planned Quarterly Gatherings, but I want to make sure that I follow through.  I’m realizing how important it is to plan casual gatherings with my worship and tech teams. 

8. Men’s Ministry!  Over the last couple of years I’ve focused almost exclusively on Worship and Tech Ministry.  This year I want to spend more time helping out in the Men’s Ministry, if not just being a part of it.

9. Cleaning! I’d like to get into a regular routine of cleaning my office (my house as well).  I find myself too often avoiding my office because it’s just a mess.  If I can get into a regular routine of cleaning my office, maybe I’ll enjoy spending time there more often (Fridays).

10. Getting Out of the Office! I want to make a point of scheduling more weekly outings whether it be a lunch or coffee appointment or golfing or surfing… yeah, that’s it…  surfing appointments!!!  😉

What about you?  What are your resolutions?

One thought on “New Year Resolutions

  1. Chris Stout says:

    Wow, those are fantastic resolutions. I’d love to institute Date Night, but my world is so crazy for those right now. I need to be more consistent in blogging. I really would like to learn some of these instruments I’ve got laying around. For sure…

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