Self Leadership and the Blogging World

computerThe other day, some old friends, held together by the blogging world, got together for some coffee.  What started out as a casual hour of catching up with old friends turned into a 5 hour discussion with my newest friend Rich Kirkpatrick.  We talked about old churches, new churches and ultimately self-leadership (among other things).

I have to say that I left our conversation pondering the question, “what do you do when there is an absence of solid, biblical leadership in your life?”  It’s a question that all of us will face at some point in our lives.  Whether you’re intimately involved in your local church or not you’re guaranteed to become dissatisfied with the level of “spiritual maturity” (I hate that phrase) that your Church Leadership possess.  In other words, all of us will hit a ceiling in our own spiritual growth at some point.  So let me ask the question, how do you break through that ceiling?  And even better yet, how do you break through it without disowning your local Church?  Could it be…  “Self-Leadership”.

So after my conversation with the guys, I began asking the question, “what does that look like and how do I make sure that it’s happening in my life?”  My answer?  I’m not really sure…  but I do have some ideas.  And thanks to my discussion with Rich, I think I have the freshest idea that I’ve come upon in quite some time.  So here are some old ones that I’m going to try and reinstate in my life along with a new one.  See if you can figure out which is which.

woman-on-sand1. Daily Devotional Time – This isn’t just a read through the Bible in a year plan.  This is time set aside for God to speak to me in various ways, including His word, prayer and spending more time outside (I know that sounds weird, but God speaks to me like that).

2. Men’s Ministry – I’m going to do my best to be more involved with the Men’s Minstry @ our Church.  There’s nothing like being around other men to spur you on to be a better person/leader!

3. Yearly Solo Retreat – I’d like to take a few days this year to get away from everything and spend time with God planning for the future.

4. God Focused Conferences – I know that this may sound funny to some of you, but I’ve been to a lot of Christian Leadership Conferences in the 12+ years that I’ve been involved in ministry.  Some of them have been overwhelmingly saturated in the presence of God, and others… well, not so much.  I’m only going to do 1 or 2 conferences this year so I’m going to make sure they are God Focused.

962509_coffee_delight5. Blogging & Blogger Gatherings – My coffee time with Rich, Bobby and Alex was very encouraging.  I think it’s important for us to get out of our own little world every once in a while and journey into the experiences of others.  It gives us clear perspective and even challenges our way of thinking.  One of the easiest ways of doing this is through blogging.  I can connect with people around the world, converse with some of the most innovative, spiritual thinkers of our time and get a glimpse into their ministries in a matter of minutes.  And sometimes, they’ll even invite me to have coffee with them!  How cool is that!

I’m not saying that these few things are the key to maintaining self-leadership, but they sure are a start.  What about you?

What would you add/take away from the list?

2 thoughts on “Self Leadership and the Blogging World

  1. Rob Johnson says:

    Well brother you are exactly where I am at! I long for a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ and have been seeking that through the leadership opportunities that have been afforded to me. I have hit the wall and need to break through. Leading studies and being involved in other men’s lives is great, but really breaking through in my own relationship with Christ has hit a wall. Love the suggestions and I am going to you up on them. Thanks bro, stay strong (1Jn2:17)

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