Sunday Recap – “He moves in mysterious ways…”

mysterious-waysWhat a great weekend!  I have to say that The Spirit really “moved in mysterious ways” (That was for you Karl.  However, you’re probably so upset about me misquoting the lyric that you can’t even rejoice about the fact that I squeezed U2 into this post!).  Pastor Dave taught on the importance of “Listening to the Spirit” rather than “making lists”…  As you’ve probably noticed I’ve already got a couple of lists going on this blog so it was fairly convicting for me.  More on that in a future post!  😉

Also, Dave took a break from playing keys (he totally deserves it) and Stephanie couldn’t do it so we didn’t have a keyboardist this weekend.  And I really wanted to do Tomlin’s version of “Amazing Grace”, so at practice we decided (by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’) that we’d just do it without a keyboard.  And that was that… so I thought.  All day Friday and all day Saturday I couldn’t help but think, “it would be really cool for Rob to bring his keyboard (his first instrument actually) and just play it on that last song. I mean since we re-configured our staging (lots of compliments on that by the way) we have more room now so it wouldn’t be a big deal…”  However, I never got around to calling him.  But guess who shows up with his keyboard on Sunday?  That’s right, Rob brought his keyboard to play on that one song.  He said, “I just thought, ‘why don’t I bring my keyboard and play on that one song?'”  God is amazing!

The band rocked too.  We had the oldest member of the Worship Team (sorry Rob) playing with the youngest member of the Worship Team (Brandon, after Hannah).  We’re so blessed to have such and inter generational congregation and worship ministry.  The coolest part was that they rocked it.  My favorite thing of the morning was that it was our first time doing “The time has come” with a full band and it felt really good.

So here’s what the morning looked like…


Lights – Bradley Waldrop
ProPresenter – Andi Waldrop
Audio – Charlie
Audio2 – Kevin


Agtr/vox – me
Vox – Lynette
Egtr/Keys – Rob Martinelli
Egtr2 – AJ Jones
Drums – Brandon Seay
Bass – Dalton Day


The Time Has Come (Hillsong)
I Am Free (Desperation)
From The Inside Out (Hillsong)
I’m Coming Your Way (Jared Anderson – Desperation)
Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone (Chris Tomlin)

tobymac1Here’s another photo for you Karl.  Another guy who misquoted Bono in his song “Mysterious Ways”.  Toby Mac’s version of Mysterious goes a little something like this…  “It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s all right…  The Spirit moves in mysterious ways.”

So what cool things did God do in your worship ministry this weekend?

One thought on “Sunday Recap – “He moves in mysterious ways…”

  1. Karl says:

    Eric, there is always rejoicing when U2 is squeezed into any part of life. Always. And any.

    And great set, by the way! Killer songs.

    Oh, and that ‘Spirit’ line is in U2’s original song…it just comes towards the end. Edge sings it…which is why I know. hehe 😉

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