Weekend Recaps… “Where the Light is”

Wow…  started the new year off with a bang and then bombed in week 3.  Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  My internet was down for a couple of days and threw me off my rhythm.

So today you get 2 recaps in one.  The cool thing is that there are some similarities.

john-mayer-where-the-light-is1Week of January 18th – What a great weekend this was.  Not only did we get the opportunity to play John Mayer’s “Gravity” but I got the opportunity to play with my good friend Sal Hamby.  I went through 3 guitar players and finally decided to call him and ask for some help.  And even though he wasn’t able to practice with us, and he’d never heard “Gravity” before (can’t believe that one) he still nailed it.  To hear a clip of it you can go to our website and click on podcast.

The best part of the weekend was when we finished “Gravity” with the “keep me where the light is” tag,  Pastor Dave walked up with the lights completely off, carrying a lantern.  He then began repeating Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” tagged with, “keep me where the light is…”  Very powerful!

Tech Team:
Audio – Enrique
Audio 2 – Cindy Salazar
Video – Rick Salazar
Lighting – Bradley Waldrop

Agtr/Vox – Me
Egtr – (special guest) Sal Hamby
Bass/Vox – Dan Allen
Drums – Ross Baggay

All Because of Jesus – Fee
Gravity – John Mayer
Word of God Speak – Mercy Me
Remedy – David Crowder Band

teleWeek of January 25th – So I guess people liked “Gravity” so much last week that they requested it again this week!  I’ve always been one to oblige so of course we did it.  We didn’t have Sal this week and our guitar player got sick last minute so you know who filled in on guitar.  Considering all things I think it went pretty good.  Unfortunately the recording didn’t take (God’s way of keeping me humble).  We did “Gravity” before the service started and then again as people were walking out.  It’s becoming kind of the un-official theme song for this series and I have to say that I really enjoyed playing it this week.

I don’t get to play my electric very much (there’s a good reason for that) so even though I was bummed that my guitarist got sick, it was a lot of fun playing my Tele.  While first service went great, during the 2nd service message the batteries in my DD-20 died so I had to play the last 2 songs without it…  (see why I’m using batteries here)

Tech Team:
Audio – Andy Jones
Audio 2 – AJ Jones
Video – Andi Waldrop
Lighting – Chris Mundry
Lighting 2 – Bradley Waldrop

Egtr/Vox – Me
Bass – Kevin Seay
Drums – Brandon Seay
Keys/Vox (kind of) – Dave Reynolds

Gravity – John Mayer (pre-service)
Friend of God – Israel Houghton
Friend of God (reprise) – Israel Houghton
Hear Us From Heaven – Jared Anderson
-financial update-
Mighty to Save – Hillsong
God of This City – Tomlin (Version)

How was your weekend?

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