Location, location, location…

xmascrowdCurrently our Church is faced with the problem of space.  It’s a great problem to have.  We’re just really wrestling with how to handle it.

I’m a big proponent of the “location is everything” camp.  However, while our location is incredible (right in the heart of the French Valley) it’s just a bit too small.  So we’re beginning to have the discussion about a larger facility.

So here’s the dilemma.  We don’t have the cash to construct a new building and the closest available building is miles away from the heart of our community.

So how important is location really?

4 thoughts on “Location, location, location…

  1. Vince says:

    Depends on your vision

    if you are using an attraction model wherein you serve up ministries, then it’s not that important.

    If you have a missional strategy, it is super important.

  2. Rob says:

    As a past member of some great church plants and now at home at Lamb’s Fellowship, I believe it is super important to create a church “home”. Location is not as important as some other components for a church. I know the church is more than a building, but having your own facility in which to do “church” and all the things that make it up — is super important! People will drive to a location that they know is where the “church” is!

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