Who’s controlling your click?

622823_metronomeFor the last 6 months to a year we’ve been using the Yamaha Click Station on Sunday mornings. All of the research that I did when we first started using it suggested that the drummer of your band should control the click. Makes sense. While our drummers have done well with it, I’ve been noticing less and less of it in my monitor these days.

Now, I know that playing with a click isn’t something that everyone should do. I also know that it’s not something musicians can just start doing on the fly… it’s going to take time. But I met with Karl the other day and among other things he suggested I begin controlling the click myself.

So last week I put it on my pedal board so that I could control it myself. Did it work? I think so!

Here are the benefits to the leader controlling the click…

1. I start and stop the songs. It’s funny, but I noticed I didn’t have as much of an issue getting the band’s attention this week. I simply turned the click on and it was like the Colonel walked into the room… everyone stood at attention.

2. If I felt a song needed to groove more and not be on the click I could turn it off.

3. If we got off the click I could turn it off and then restart it. The drummer can’t really do that because his hands and feet are pretty busy.

4. I start and stop the songs… oh yeah, I already said that. But it’s true!

What about you? Who’s controlling your click, and why?

One thought on “Who’s controlling your click?

  1. Rob J says:

    how is Bill? the boys at Lambs need an update!
    how about a confirm on your April 4 speaking gig at Lambs too?

    c’mon bro- what? what!

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