Worship Recap – Old New Songs

I am free (Desperation)
Glorious One (Fee)
Hear us from heaven (Desperation)
Healer (Planet Shakers)
I am free (Desperation)

Me – vox/egtr
Tammy Cook – vox
Tim Cook – agtr
Brad Cook – drums
Dan Allen – bass
David Bishop

Bradley – audio/lighting
Peter – audio
Andi – video
Perris – video

I think the highlight of this week was that we had a fairly new band and that they’re all family! Not only that, but they’re all fairly experienced musicians… a triple threat!

The biggest challenge this week seemed to be sound. I learned a couple of things from it. Never put a hard of hearing bass player in the front left part of our stage. His monitor was cranked so loud that it caused some serious issues for our sound guy. I also learned that it is important to hear your amp on stage (duh). I sometimes trust my sound guys so much that I play without a monitor which means I have trouble hearing my amp. When you’re leading worship, controlling the click, playing without a monitor, you sometimes might play a whole song or two with thick delay & tremolo on at the same time… Not good! Lastly I learned that no matter how many times you’ve done a song, it’s possible for it to still be new to a new band! I wonder how Bono would feel if he was asked to play with Jaggar’s band?

What did u learn today?

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