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Rick Warren
Rick Warren

I have to confess that since my Calvary Chapel roots are so deep I’ve never really been a big Rick Warren fan.  Over the last few years I’ve learned to respect him (how can you not respect a guy whom God has used to reach so many people…?  duh!) and at this conference when Andy Stanley interviewed him he pretty much won me over.  Here are the notes…  brilliant!

You cannot win your enemies to Christ…  but you can win your friends!

@ Saddleback this year there were 50,000 people @ Easter Services, over 100,000 names on the roster @ Saddleback, 2600 new people in the last 2 weeks and they’ve baptized over 1,000 people in that last 2 weeks.

A lot of people would rather be cute than effective

Pastors should…

Divert Daily – what re-energizes you?  If you work with your mind, divert with your hands (garden)
Withdraw Weekly – take a day off (Sabbath)
Abandon Yearly – don’t take your laptop or cellphone…

You cannot build a healthy Church fast..  You can gather a crowd but a crowd is not a Church.

It’s not Rick’s way, it’s Jesus’ way

Never compare to anyone else, but learn from everyone

Everything didn’t start in 1990!

“…3rd most educated place in America!  And yet the simpler I preach the more God blesses it!”

Purpose never changes, but terminology does!  “I hate the term ‘Purpose Driven'”

To move people from unbeliever to missionary you must have an incremental plan!

“Come and see”  Start there and begin to turn up th heat…  “You’re my disciple if you eat my flesh and drink my blood…  Take up your cross…  Come and die!”

Are you a come and see Church?  A come and die Church?  Or all of the above…?

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