catalyst west forgotten – nick vujicic

No Arms, No Legs
No Arms, No Legs

Ummm…  Wow!

That’s pretty much all that I can say about Nick.

Here are my notes from his presentation…  not a whole lot because I was pretty much speachless.

“I’d be dishonoring God if I didn’t believe that I was here to change the world!”

1. Pray – There was a study done with 10,000 couples who were ready for divorce.  They comitted to 40 days of prayer together for 5 minutes.  Only 1 couple actually got a divorce!

2. Thank God

3. Trust God

So pretty much everything that came out of his mouth made me say…  “wow”.

See for yourself.

2 thoughts on “catalyst west forgotten – nick vujicic

  1. Jacqui Alexander says:

    I saw Nick Saturday night at Spirit West Coast. I agree – WOW is about all I can say. I looked him up today on line because I need to hear his message and get perspective. Some days I believe that this life should be easier, like “everyone else seems to be”. It’s a hard pill to swallow, to lose your dreams. But I hope God will give me new dreams, and help them come to fruition. Someday. Live today well, that’s my goal for today. I want Nick’s perspective. If he can be that positive, there’s no reason I should feel sorry for my life. God bless you Nick, and I can hardly wait to meet you and talk with you in heaven.

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