catalyst west forgotten – perry noble

Perry Noble
Perry Noble

I’ve heard a lot about this guy over the years.  His Church is blowing up.  The reality is, he wasn’t anything like I had envisioned him.  Way more down to earth and incredibly funny.  Here’s what I got from his time at Catalyst West…

The size of the vision that God will give you is directly related to the amount of pain you are willing to endure.

Ezekiel – We always want to go to the place that is already rockin’ instead of building a place that is/will be rockin’.

1. Trust Him
Dryness will alwayslead you to desperation…  That’s why you are where you are…  And when you’re desperate, you are forced to go back to your first calling.

Have you ever prayed for God to move the storm?

2. Believe Him
You have never waited on God!  He’s waiting on us!!!

I didn’t bring you here so you can wait until a better gig comes along.  I brought you here to preach to these dry bones so that they may come to life!

We have nothing to fear if we truly believe that God is sovereign.

3. Don’t be obsessed with discovery rather than development.  Get obsessed with development rather than being discovered.

Leadership is as easy as listening to God!

We don’t have a 3 year plan…  We don’t have one!

God lead Moses one step at a time…

Get more concerned about repentance than attendance.

What would you be willing to attempt for God if You knew you couldn’t fail?

We’re obsessed with everything but the supernatural.

2 thoughts on “catalyst west forgotten – perry noble

  1. Tony Simoncini says:

    Dude, I needed this today! I have always said something similar to #2. Telling people that God showed up or He will show up if we just wait on him never sat well with me. Obviously we have times of waiting, but I’m not so sure it’s about waiting for God to show up as much as us getting out of the way for Him to speak… not to mention sometimes I think when we are waiting on God to do something, God is waiting on us to be the thing God uses to do something!

    But #3 hits home right now. The idea of what we would do for God if failure was not a part of the story, out of the question! Wow! In fact all of the words in 3 spoke to me today… I need to be more concerned with development and repentance… Obsessed!


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