The Nicest Guy in the World (Mark Munoz)

Mark & His Wife Kristy
Mark & His Wife Kristy

I got the opportunity to go to UFC 108 last weekend thanks to the nicest guy in the world Mark Munoz and his wife Kristy.  He and his family are strong Christians who attend Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Ca.  My friend Randy rents a house to them and they hooked us up with tickets to UFC 108.  We had dinner with them @ the MGM Grand where he spent a good ten to twenty minutes of his busy schedule sharing his story with us.  He spoke in a quiet, humble voice about how God has really gotten a hold of him over the last few years.  It took a few challenges and setbacks to get him where he is today, but we all know that “trials & tribulations produce perserverance, character and hope and that hope does not dissapoint us because it’s poured out into our hearts from God.” Romans 5:3-5

Here’s a nice gif of him showing how kindhearted he is…  😉

UFC 108

I think God has some great things in store for him and his family…  and he really is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!  😉

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