bedtime stories and a 6 year olds prayer

We have a night-time routine at our house.  I’m sure it’s much like yours.  We read a few stories, say a few prayers, rub a few backs and head off into never never land.  Often times, like most 6 year olds, Joshua will pepper me with a few questions.  Tonight we ventured into the realm of heaven, hell, salvation and creation.  We spoke of dragons, snakes & angels of light.  As we did, my heart leaped at the opportunity to share the gospel with my boys.

It all started with a blacklight.  You see we spent the afternoon @ Chucky Cheese for Micah’s (3 turning 4) birthday party.  They stamp your hand with a special black light number when you enter so that the kids can’t escape with someone elses parents.  Our number was 239.  While reading our stories under black light the boys of course noticed once again the number on their arms.

Here’s a condensed version of how my conversation with Joshua went…

Joshua (reading the number 239 on his arm): “Is that how many lives we have?”

Me (jumping at the opportunity to share):  “No, we only have one life and then the afterlife.”

Joshua: “And then we go to heaven?”

Me: “Or we go to hell.” (I’m not sure where that came from!)

Joshua: “Where the red guy lives?  What does he look like?

Me: “Well, the Bible says he looks like a lot of things…  a dragon, a snake, an angel of light…  That’s why mommy doesn’t like you wearing shirts with dragons on them. Do you know what hell is like?”

Joshua: “It’s the place like a lake of fire.”

Me: “Do you know how to know which place you’re going to?”

Joshua: “No”

Me: “Well, the Bible says that Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we won’t have to go to hell if we believe in Him. Where do you think you’re gonna go?”

Joshua: “Probably hell because sometimes I’m bad.”

Me: “But remember what I just said?  Jesus died on the cross in your place so that you don’t have to go to hell.”

Joshua: “Even if I’m bad?”

Me: “Even if you’re bad.”

Joshua: “That doesn’t seem right.”

Me: “The Bible says that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved…  That means that you don’t have to go to hell.  Do you believe that?”

Joshua: “Yes”

Me: “Do you know what confess means?”

Joshua: “No”

Me: “It means to tell someone.  Have you ever done that?”

Joshua: “Yes, I just told you and Micah!”  😉

Me: “Do you know what the word Lord means?”

Joshua: “Yes, it’s like king… and Jesus is the king over everyone!”

Me: “Yes, and do you know what kings do?”

Joshua: “They rule the world!”

Me: “Yes, and they take care of their people and tell them what to do.  Have you ever asked Jesus to be your king?”

Joshua: “Yes, but I don’t really hear Him.”

Me: “Well, you have to be very still and listen really hard…  Do you know how God speaks to us?

Joshua: “no”

Me: “Mostly in three ways…  by His Word (the Bible), His people (that’s you, me, mommy and other Christians), and His still small voice right there in your heart, but you have to be very quiet and listen carefully…  Wanna try it?”

Joshua: “Yes…  God, how do you make the planets?”


Joshua (a little louder): “God, how do you make the planets?”

A longer silence…

Me: “Did you hear anything?”

Joshua: “No, not really”

I prayed silently to God that He would make himself known to Joshua and Micah as we lay quietly…

Joshua (almost shouting now): “GOD, HOW DO YOU MAKE THE PLANETS?”


Me: “Did you hear anything?”

Joshua: “Kind of…  He said oils and pastels?  What are oils and pastels daddy?”

6 thoughts on “bedtime stories and a 6 year olds prayer

  1. sal says:

    Joshua is right… “That doesn’t seem right”. But yet here I am living proof that God’s grace and mercy is as real as I will let it be in my life. Now if I could only get the listening part down….

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