worship recap – mother’s day

We had a great weekend.  We’ve had a tradition of doing a song I wrote a couple of years ago called “American Mother” every Mother’s Day, however this weekend we decided to break that tradition.  There’s something about traditions that scare me.  Regardless, we had a spectacular weekend.  Sal and David   tore it up on guitar.  We had a couple of songs with killer solo parts that they both nailed.  We also had a song with a drum solo, one with driving bass, an acoustic guitar intro and of course, I can’t forget about the one that stretched all of our vocals.  Everyone did an incredible job and I think people truly connected with God in a powerful way.  Oh yeah…  and attendance was up.  That’s always nice.

Here is the setlist and players.

vox/agtr – me
vox 2 – lynette
vox3/tambo – herb
drums – mike
bass – guy
egtr 1 – sal
egtr 2 – david

God You Reign (driving bass) – Lincoln Brewster
Everlasting God (acoustic intro) – Brenton Brown (Tomlin version)
Let The Praises Ring (drum solo) – Lincoln Brewster
-welcome/baby dedications-
-video intro-
You Are The One (solo) – Lincoln Brewster
You Are The One (another solo) – Lincoln Brewster
Glorious One (vocal workout) – Steve Fee

After Church we hung out with my family and celebrated our moms with a BBQ.  The boys entertained the moms while Sammy & I watched “It Might Get Loud”.  It was blast.

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