top ten…

Wow… It’s been a while since I actually posted here.  So much is going on around here that it’s been hard to get to the peripheral things (no offense).  Here’s a top ten of things going on in my life right now…

1. I had a baby (actually my wife had him, but I helped)!
2. We rolled out our best ever School of Worship!
3. We started a Men’s Study on Tuesday mornings
4. We started a Men’s Prayer group on Thurs. mornings
5. My Tech director resigned
6. My Band coordinator is moving back to Washington State
7. We’re launching a new service on Sunday Nights
8. We’re part of a Valley wide marriage seminar that both Dave and I will be teaching at
9. We hosted a recital for Socalvocalcoach
10. We’re hosting the Youth Night @ GospelFest

As if that weren’t enough, our finances are getting hit big time with doctors bills, diapers and car repair…  But God is Good!  My life verse is Romans 5:3-5 where Paul tells us to rejoice in our trials because we know that God is using them to mold us more and more into His image.  It also states that the hope we will find in those trying times is poured out into our hearts from the Holy Spirit.  That is more reasssuring that you may know.  In the midst of all this I’m finding more peace than you might imagine.

It’s interesting how perfect the timing is on all of this.  It’s not something that I could have orchestrated.  Our worship ministry just so happens to be moving in a new direction and so change is good! And as crazy as it might seem, all of these things just seem to be lining up perfectly on the calendar!!!

But it never hurts to pray!  In fact, I’d love it if you’d throw one up for me and my family.  I feel like we’ve got a huge target on our back right now…  But it feels good!


4 thoughts on “top ten…

  1. Karl says:

    Definitely praying for ya, Eric! That’s a lot going on!

    And is that me in one of those pictures, kneeling before my pedalboard? 😉 lol Let’s hope there’s nothign oddly symbolic there…hehe

  2. Greg England says:

    Some of that will settle down in 12-18 years as the kids start leaving home! Just saw where our medical insurance went up about 30 a month and we could barely afford it before the rate increase. And we have never used it!!

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