Life is busy…

My wife and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in San Diego a couple of weeks ago.  Some friends of ours had some extra time share points that they let us use.  It was pretty sweet!  We chose San Diego because 1. we love it & 2. it had free babysitting!  Gotta love grandmas!

Grammy Jan stayed with the boys here in Temecula and Gramma Lynn watched Asher pretty much every minute that she could.  Here’s what we did…

Went to Flemings
Went to Belmont Park
Rode the Wave House
Went to Gio’s
Laid around and watched T.V.
Went to the mall
Went to a Beni Hana type restaurant
Went to the pool

And then the boys came down and we did it all again!

A big thanks to the parents for watching the boys and hooking us up with gift cards & cash for the week!

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