Homeschooling… a defensive tactic?

I’m reading a book by James Davison Hunter.  It’s called “To Change The World”.  I have to say that I don’t totally agree with everything he says, but he has managed to put into words something that I’ve struggled with for years.

Having worked with Youth in a number of environments over the last 16 years (Christian Schools, Youth Groups, Camps & Public Schools) I’ve come to form an opinion about Education.  I’ve always answered the question as to whether one should put their kids in public school, private school or home school with a bit of ambivalence.  My response usually goes something like this, “I think that they’re all good.  What really matters is what happens at home.”  But now, thanks to Mr. Davison, I think I have an even better response.

“If you want to protect your kids from society, then Home Schooling and Private Schooling are good options.  If you want them to take the world for Christ, then teach them in the way that they should go and send them as lights into the world!”

It’s just my opinion…  What do you think?

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