Life verses; given, not chosen

Romans treeOver the last fifteen years or so, God has imbedded a verse into my heart.  It’s one that I’ve committed to memory and seem to come back to time after time.  I didn’t choose the verse, it chose me.  I mean, who would chose Romans 5:3-5 to be their life verse?

“Rejoice in your trials and tribulations for they bring about perseverance and perseverance brings about character and character brings about hope; and hope does not disappoint us because it has been poured out into our hearts from the Holy Spirit which was given to us.” (MP – My Paraphrase)

“Rejoice in your trials…”  Really?  I’ve always wondered why God would give me such a verse.  My life has been pretty simple.  I grew up in a good home, I have a wonderful wife and four healthy boys.  Yes, we’ve had our trials over the years, but nothing too major.  To be honest, it has always kind of scared me to think of how God might want to use that verse in my life.

Over the years I’ve preached on Romans 5.  I’ve used it to counsel others.  I’ve even shared it in various personal testimonies.  I’ve always trusted the promise of that verse… that God is working something wonderful in the midst of our trials and tribulations.

Recently however, it’s become more and more difficult to cling to that promise.  I’m not complaining (at least not anymore).  It just seems like I’ve endured an absorbent amount of tribulation in the last year.  It’s been trial after trial after trial.  And when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I found myself facing yet another trial.  It’s as if God has been saying, “Enough preaching, now it’s time to live it!”  And live it I am.

Thank God that He’s given me a verse like Romans 5 to cling to.  It brings such hope!!!

Ahhh…  now I get it.  God knew, and that’s why He’s chosen that verse for me.  What verse has He chosen for you?


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