New Ministry, New Business, New Life

God’s been doing some amazing things this year.  Staci and I have embarked on a new ministry, a new business and a new lifestyle.  I’m excited to announce that we are both in a healthier place spiritually, physically and financially thanks to Plexus Worldwide.

We’ve been blown away not only by the personal results that we’ve seen using Plexus Products (see photos below), but also the integrity of the company itself.  So much so that we’ve decided to go all in!

10959068_10153406718979879_7245509384893125707_n                10425482_10205413197751830_3550954436793661164_n

We’re on a mission to get Lean and Mean in 2015 and we want to help you do the same!  If you’d like to here more about Plexus and how it’s changed our lives, click on the link below and/or shoot me an email at

Let us help you get Lean and Mean in 2015!

P.S. – Yes, We’re still passionate about Jesus, Church Planting and Building the Kingdom

P.S.S. – No, it’s not a get rich quick scam.

P.S.S.S. – And no, it’s definitely not this…  Okay, maybe a little bit…

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