The Struggle Is Real

12493992_10153937942878223_8854166543808135908_o20 years ago Miles McPherson was asked to sit in for Mike MacIntosh at Horizon Christian Fellowship.  I don’t remember the message he preached on that Sunday morning, but I’ll always remember the impact it had on me.  As Miles shared the gospel and gave an invitation to come forward and “make Jesus the Lord of your life”, a battle raged on in my heart.
I had been singing in the choir at Horizon for over 2 months, but in reality I was just checking this whole church thing out.  It’s safe to say that everyone in the room already thought I was a Christian.12052464_1223184144373687_5659159552730271669_o  The reality was however, that like many Christians in America, I had heard the gospel, even believed it to be true but had never actually made Jesus the Lord of my life.  I had never surrendered my will to His will.  That morning, after singing from the stage, I sat down next to my friend Patty from work and began to engage in a battle that would change my life forever.
1929285_1029613028227_3557911_n.jpgThe voices inside my head were arguing adamantly against my submission. “You don’t need to do this.” “They already think you’re a Christian.  What will they think if they know you’ve been faking it?” “What will your family think?” “What will Jdub the choir director think?” “What will Patty think?”
The battle was ultimately won when I heard the only voice that really mattered.  All other voices were silenced and God spoke loud and clear, “What will I think if you don’t accept my Son?”  This was the most important question.  What will God think if I don’t?  So I did. And my life was changed dramatically!
31Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. 32So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, 33but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.”
Matt 10:31-33
familyToday, my family and I are deep in the trenches of a war to bring that same gospel message to our community. We’re planting a new church in San Diego and we’re sacrificing, serving and fighting a battle more real than you know.  The enemy is against us at every corner but we know that the battle belongs to the Lord.  Victory is eminent and we can’t wait to see how He moves in the coming months, years, decades!
What about you?  Have you made Jesus the Lord of your life?  Are you engaged in the battle?
Would you consider joining us in the battle at Convergence Community Church to help win San Diego for Christ?
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Here’s a look at the message that inspired this post.

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