Sunday Recap – “Bueller, Bueller???”

ferris03“Bueller…  Bueller???”

It was an interesting weekend to say the least.  Due to the fact that we were all coming off of our Holiday Highs… or lows depending on who you are, we didn’t practice and it was especially difficult finding a drummer.  Luckily, the Reynolds family is multi-talented so Daniel who usually plays egtr sat in on drums.  Of course that left me without an electric guitar player so yours truly picked up the electric for the first time in a long while to provide some fullness to our sound.  It was fun, but I have to say that my thumb/wrist is still sore…  I’m not used to playing barr chords!  Crazy…

Here was the band:

egtr/agtr/vox – me
bass/vox – Dan
drums – Daniel
keys – Dave

Here was the setlist:

All because of Jesus (Fee)
The time has come (Hillsong)
The stand (Hillsong)
Mighty to save (Hillsong)

I have to say that Pastor Dave was in an unusually chipper mood, which was really cool.  So much so that we didn’t even see him for most of the teleset.  He was off chitter-chattering with people in the congregation so for most of the 2nd service set we were a 3 piece.  I played my electric on the first 2 songs and switched to acoustic on the last 2.  I really like that 3 piece feel, and when Dave jumped in on keys it really filled out the room.

Adding to the fullness of the day, we had a full house… which was surprising considering it was the first Sunday of the year.  We decided to leave the room/screens setup the way we had it on Christmas Eve and it’s a good thing because we needed the extra room!

How was your Sunday?

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