U2’s new album?

I didn’t even know U2 was coming out with a new album.  Interesting look at it here.

No Line In The Horizon

Interesting quote about Bono there too…

A disclaimer: look, I am well aware there are a lot of people out there who find The Man Who Saved The World (as he is known to close friends such as the Pope) (only kidding) a pompous, egotistic, over-bearing, messianic megalomaniac (I think that about covers it), and furthermore consider U2 to be overblown, over-rated stadium rockists with nary a hint of nuance or subtlety.


One thought on “U2’s new album?

  1. Karl says:

    hehe Sweet mercy! Ya, I think recording’s been done since November or December, which is when it was originally going to be released…now they’re just teasing us. 😉 The new single is out, though. I hated it at first, which I always do with their singles. And then I started really enjoying it. It’s fun and not very self-centered. And the drum tone is really raw and indie…almost reminds me of Lenny! You might dig it.

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