100 Cheerios???

joshua0001So Joshua started Kindergarten this year.  We were blessed enough to get him into a local Charter School.  We love it…  small ratios, a ton of parent involvement, Computer Labs and Spanish classes and we get frequent emails from his teacher letting us know what’s going on in his class and updating us on school-wide events.  But I got this one today…  

“We will be celebrating our 110th day of school on Friday February 6th.  I have sent home your child’s 100th day homework.  There are three small projects:

1-make a poster (construction paper size) of 100 things.  ex: 100 thumb prints, 100 small pictures from a magazine or of your child. Please don’t use food except for dried beans or macaroni.

2-When I am 100 years old person and writing.  Decorate the face to make it look like a person when they are 100 years old and finish the sentence with their best writing.

3-Bring in a baggie of 100 snack items. (100 cheerios, 100 cheezits, or 100 gummie bears etc.)  We will be sharing these on our 100th day.

Have fun with these projects.  We will be doing a lot of counting to 100 in the next two weeks for practice.  All of this is due on Monday 2/2.”

I mean who celebrates the 110th day of school?  And do we really have to count out 100 Cheerios?

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