How the iPhone revolutionized my life!

iphoneStaci and I got iPhones for Christmas.  We’re not really mac people (although the Church did buy me a macbook pro a year or so ago and I think I’m slowly being converted).  I have to say that the iPhone is pretty amazing. 

Originally we were just going to get the Verizon Storm, but when I went down and played with it and then learned from Vince that there’s no wifi I realized that we’d be better off switching to AT&T and going with the iPhone… in fact, I think it was even cheaper to do that than to stay with Verizon.  My intuition was confirmed when my friend picked up the Storm and began calling me almost daily to help him with various issues that he’s having.  Anyway, this post isn’t about the Storm, it’s about the iPhone and how it revolutionized my life.

I’m not so sure that it’s a good thing, but I have to say that I never leave the house without my iPhone.  I can’t say that about my other phones.  Those of you who know me know how I am with my phone.  But this thing has so many Applications on it, I can’t afford to leave home without it.  In fact, Staci and I have a new rule in our house because of it…  No iPhones at the table!

Here are some of the Apps that have changed my life dramatically.

1. Twittelator Pro – Holy Cow!  It’s like Facebook, Blogging, Texting and IMing all wrapped into one application.  And the Pro Version lets you see twitpics before you click on them!

2. Holy Bible – Don’t need to explain this one.

3. iPod – again, no need for explanation.

4. Lose it! – I’ve been trying to get in shape for a marathon that I’ll be running in May.  This thing keeps track of my weight, what I eat, how much I exercise and holds me accountable to my goals!

5. iMapMyRun – This has a built-in GPS system that tracks my routes for me when I run.  It also tells me my current and average pace.  It actually makes it almost fun to run!

6. Mail – Almost forgot this one.  No brainer!

7. Surf Report – Even though I don’t surf much anymore, it’s nice to see what I’m missing.  In fact, since I live an hour from the beach this keeps me from making the mistake of driving all that way for nothing.

8. dBMeter – This thing actually works very well and it was free!

9. Guitar Toolkit – This app has a tuner, metronome, chord finder, alternate tunings and 6 string, 12 string, bass & 5 string bass options.   

10. Games – You can’t talk about the iPhone without mentioning all the games.  My favorite is iShoot Lite, but iFishing Lite is pretty close. 

What about you?  Do you have an iPhone yet?  What’s your favorite app?  How has it changed your life?

4 thoughts on “How the iPhone revolutionized my life!

  1. julie bungenstock says:

    Hi Eric, it’s julie from warm springs – can you call me at school? i tried to blog but I dont think it is working – my daughter’s getting married and i wanted to talk to you

  2. Chris Stout says:


    iPhone’s are the BOMB!!! I can’t say it enough. I ventured into the “Computer in the palm of your hand” phones a few years ago with the Cingular 8125, then AT&T 8525. Then I converted back to a Mac. I just couldn’t get my phones to work the same way twice. It was a royal pain in the rear. Switched to the iPhone when my 8525 mysteriously broke and my world changed! Here’s my apps:

    1. Twittelator Pro
    2. Loopt
    3. Facebook
    4. Around Me
    5. WordPress
    6. News USA
    7. iNetworkTest
    8. Weightbot
    9. iHeartradio
    10. Pandora
    11. Urban Spoon
    12. Way too many more…

  3. team4given says:

    Good stuff Chris! I forgot about WordPress. I’m stoked that they finally got rid of that pink background on Twittelator Pro too…

    Thanks for the tips…

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