Heading to Hume Lake!

eric-grantJust wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll be heading to Hume Lake with our Middle Schoolers this week.  It should be pretty quite here on the old blog, but I’ve left you with a few posts to play with.  Didn’t want you to think I  forgot about you. 

I’m pretty excited to see what God will do while we’re there.  Last year was pretty amazing.  One kid saw flaming tongues like from the book of Acts in one of the worship services.  This will be our second year so knowing what to expect should make it even better.  I’m bringing the marshmallows…  😉 

The photo below is of Hannah, one of our students during the box-sled race.  We were asked to design a sled that would hold 2-10 people using nothing but cardboard and ducktape.  We chose to build 6 individual sleds and tape them together so that they would deploy much like the Thunder Cats or Power Rangers…  Not a good idea! 

She loosened a few teeth and bloodied up her face pretty good.   They knocked down the jump after our run…  She’s a tough girl, didn’t even cry and her parents were very cool about it.  They’re even letting her go again this year! 

hannah-crashHave you ever been?  What were your experiences like?

2 thoughts on “Heading to Hume Lake!

  1. team4given says:

    “Memories” is right. This is our second year taking the Middle Schoolers to Hume and it didn’t dissapoint. What a great experience!

    Check out the band that’s playing this year. They’ve got a song called “Not of our hands” that’s a must have for any worship leader.

    They’re called “1,000 generations”

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