Hume Lake

Well, we made it back.  Here’s a brief recap from Hume Lake…

Awesome speaker Ron Merrell
Awesome worship1,000 Generations
freewayAwesome Trip – Drove 3 cars carrying 20 kids, 1 of them borrowed (cars that is) and only lost one bag along the way… but I got it back.
Awesome Life Transformations – 8 of our kids made life changing commitments.  One of them went deeper than I’ve ever seen any middle schooler go before in his relationship with God.  I can’t get the image out of my head.  I could see the Spirit of God laying heavy on this kid as he wept before Him.  And it wasn’t a “I’m such a bad kid” weeping…  it was a “I just want more of You God” weeping.  I’ll never forget it.
grandmaAwesome Boxsled Blitz – Along with a ton of other activites including the mechanical bull, broom hockey and a new challenge course they’re doing, the Boxsled Blitz didn’t dissapoint this year (and noone got hurt either).

All in all, Hume Lake was a hit for our Middle Schoolers!  (duh)

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