Weekend Recap

A year or so ago i truly felt God speaking into my heart that the youth of this Church were going to lead us into a renewed movement of worship. While i know He spoke and i truly believed it, its still breathtaking to see it actually happening! Thats what happened this last weekend.

Here’s a brief Recap of our weekend. It was pretty insane and exciting. Our Middle Schoolers were coming off of their Hume Lake Winter trip so we decided to bring some of that Hume Lake hype with us this weekend.


Agtr/vox – me (Old Man)
Egtr – Rachel (MS)
Keys/vox – Hannah (MS)
Egtr – AJ (HS)
Bass – Crawford (Freshman in College)
Drums – Daniel (HS)


Not of our hands – 1,000 Generations (great new song!)
Undignified – Matt Redman (we did the Crowder Version)
Made to worship – Tomlin
Inside Out – Hillsong
The Time Has Come – Hillsong


Audio – Enrique
Video – Andi
Lights – Bradley

The highlight of the morning was when the congregation started a Conga line during Undignified. At the same time I was so overwhelmed by Hannahs vocal & the Conga line that I called out for another chorus and stepped away from the mic. Not only were the people truly worshipping during that song, but they were being led by a Middle Schooler!

God is faithful!

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