The purpose of music in Church

281928443_ef9148c33aI’ve always been told that the music portion of a worship service is a time for people to communicate with and/or respond to God.  I think that some of us have the misconception that music is worship.  When we say, “how was worship today?” we automatically think, “how was the music today?”  Obviously the purpose of the entire worship service @ Chorus Church is “to help people connect with God and each other” because that’s our mission statement.  And the purpose of the music is the same.  But sometimes I feel that purpose pulling us away from “communicating with God”.   

Here’s what I’ve been wrestling with for ohhh, sayyyy…  forever! 

Does the music portion of Church have to be the time when people communicate with God in a meaningful way?  

Can music be used as a way to direct peoples focus?  I mean, no one would frown on a Pastor who uses illustrations to point people toward God or to help them understand a certain biblical concept.  In fact I think we expect them to do that.  So then is it okay for the Worship Leader to do the same even if it means that the congregation isn’t necessarily “communicating or responding to God” during the process?   

What do you think?

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