Please pray for my father-in-law – Update

100_5230Thank you all so much for praying for Papa Bill.  Many of you have been asking for updates, so here you go.

His surgery seemed to go well.  The Doctors think they got most of the cancerous tissue if not all of it.  The fact that they even did the surgery in the first place was a miracle and then to think they got most of it blows my mind.  Early on they said he wasn’t a candidate for surgery but then because of his hard work and much prayer they changed their minid.  And even still they said that there was a possibility that when they got in they wouldn’t be able to get to the tissue, but they did…  Praise God for His faithfulness!

The recovery is not going quite as well as we had hoped, but it’s not unusual for it to go the way that it is (if that made any sense at all).  He’s very sore, and struggles to walk without assistance.  He was supossed to be released from the hospital on Wednesday but they kept him an extra day because of his condition.

The next few weeks are critical for him.  He has to remain pretty immobile and that’s not easy for a guy who usually works 6-7 days a week.  It’s not easy for his family either…  😉

If you would continue to pray that would be much appreciated.  Here are a couple of things to pray for…

That the cancer they missed (if there was any) dissappears.
Papa Bill’s speedy recovery (stitches, muscle control, etc.)
Patience for his wife and family.
His own patience and tendancy to become stir crazy.

I think the hardest thing for him is not being able to pick up or play with his grand kids.  Also, being waited on hand and foot by friends and family isn’t easy for someone like Papa Bill.  And please pray for Staci and the rest of his family.  It’s not easy to see the man who’s always been the rock in your family in such a weakened state.

Thanks again for your prayers!

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