What’s on my mind…

Its been a crazy busy week! I haven’t really blogged or tweeted at all, so I thought I’d give you a brief look into what’s been on my mind. Here goes…

My wife
Joshua’s report card
Sour Milk
New stage
LaVorgna’s play
Jessie, Gordon & Family
Jessie’s Song
My Album
Jeff Dykehouse & Tech Workshop
Guitar Effects
Karl’s Guitar Workshop
Time Managment
Implementing effective change
Church Planting
New Youth Program
Youth Missions Trip
New Youth Leaders
PDYM Conference
Newcomer’s Dessery
My wife
Cleaning my office

And much, much more… 😉

What about you?

One thought on “What’s on my mind…

  1. praynpraise says:

    my life is a series of bullet points.

    you’ll never believe who’s sitting next to me while I’m typing this….

    you’ll be hearing from her

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