Worship Recap – Prayer???

Joel Houston from Hillsong United

I am free (Desperation)
The time has come (United)
I still believe (Jeremy Camp)
The stand (United)
The stand [reprise]

me – agtr/egtr/vox
Dave – keys/mandolin/vox
Tim – agtr
Kevin – bass
Brandon – drums

Andi – video
Bradley – audio
Paul – lights

Highlight:  There were lots of highlights this weekend.  Sticking to the theme of worship I’d have to say that “The Stand” hit home more than anything.  People really connected with that song this week and we had a tender time of worship with it.  It was probably because it became the theme song at the Men’s Advance last week, so to revisit that was powerful!

Challenge: There was a lot going on this weekend (see my previous post) so I found it especially difficult to focus.  It was one of those weeks when I felt like everything was kind of on edge and not quite right.  But when I stop and think back over the weekend, everything worked out pretty much perfectly.  The only thing that I was truly bummed about was the fact that our sound check went long so we didn’t get to pray as long as I would have liked to.  For me, that’s a crucial part of our morning.

What about you?  Do you have a designated prayer time before, during or after Church?  I’m just curious, how much time do you spend?

4 thoughts on “Worship Recap – Prayer???

  1. Baggas says:

    Great choice of songs. The Stand is one of my favourites… and it’s reassuring that we’re not the only church that only does 5 or so songs…

    One question though… in which song(s) did the mandolin get used and how was it used? rhythm, melodic lines? I ask because although I am mainly a lead guitarist I also dabble in mandolin and have used it a few times in the church… but I’ve never heard of anyone else using mando in a worship service (at least not here in Australia) so I’m interested to hear how you make use of it.



  2. team4given says:

    Hey Paul,

    We used Mandolin on “I still believe” to play the lead part and add some flavor to the rest. Dave’s still learning to play it so he was kind of winging it during the verses, playing rhythm in the choruses and nailed the lead part. I think it sounded pretty good. We scaled the whole thing back, used a cajon, bass, 2 acoustics and a mandolin so it had that natural vibe.

    I’ve used mandolin in a similar way in the past… Sounds great in 6/8. Mostly a lead instrument.

    Hope that helps…

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