Update on Jessie (There will be a day)

Jessie and the boys...

Many of you have been asking for updates on Jessie.  After 3 weeks (almost to the minute) of fighting for her life, Jessie went home to be with the Lord earlier this week.  Thank you for all of your prayers.  I know that the family was deeply affected by them.

Through it all, God has used this time and tragedy to bring her family together like never before.  He’s done miracles, restored relationships and challenged faith. Was God surprised?  😉

The Rushton’s and I went to a concert last night and as we talked, it became apparent that God has used the music of Jeremy Camp to strengthen them during this trying time.   Songs like “I still believe” and “There will be a day” have provided unparalleled comfort.

But for now our attention must turn towards the boys (Ethan 4 & Tyler 11).  Please pray for them as they endure an ordeal that no child should ever have to, the loss of their mother.  Not only that, but the transitions that will take place as the “responsible adults” decide what is best for them and their futures.

Please pray…

3 thoughts on “Update on Jessie (There will be a day)

  1. Rob Johnson says:

    Hey Buddy,
    Sorry for the loss of your friend Jesse … I and those guys at lambs will continue to pray for her boys, your buddy and the rest of her family…love ya

  2. Tony Simoncini says:

    So sorry bro! Words are not enough… we’re praying and broken for Jessie’s boys! Please let me know what we can do… Anything!
    Peace to you and all effected that surpassed ALL understanding!

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