Friday Mind Dump….

1072657_brainy_peopleIt seems that Fridays (or Saturdays in this case) are a great day for a mind dump.  I kind of like to unload before I go into a worshipful weekend.  So here goes…

Simplify Youth Worship Night Rocked!
We need to do more worship nights
California Adventure with the family was fun
I miss San Diego
Surfing is therapeutic
Planned vacations are better than quasi, off the cuff vacations
I love my family!
I miss San Diego
Easter Break is not a good time for vacations (at least for me)
Easter is coming
Easter Choir is coming
More effective meetings
More intimate relationships
Jesus’ yoke is light & easy (& all about relationships)
New Youth Service is coming
Church Planter’s Forum is coming
Church Planting is cool!
My Album is coming (soon I hope)
I miss San Diego
I need to surf more… in San Diego!  😉
I really hate to move on from the previous post about Jessie…  so check this out!

What’s on your mind that needs to be dumped?

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