Worship Recap – Acoustic Set

Everlasting God (Brown)
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin)
Glorious One (Fee)
Rescue (Anderson)

agtr/vox – me
vox – Tammy Cook
agtr – Tim Cook
bass – Sal Hamby
cajon/tamborine/vox – Herb LaMadrid

video – Andi
audio – Charlie
lights – Bradley

highlight: I think the highlight of this week was the simple fact that we got to do an acoustic set.  If I had to pick one song that stood out it would have to be “Rescue”.  We started it with just me and my guitar on stage.  It was as if I were in my room at home playing for the Lord and noone else.  That is my passion!  I could do that all day long and the fact that I could bring that to the Church was incredible.  After the first chorus the rest of the band came on stage and jumped in.  Such fun!

challenge: The challenge with an acoustic set is always the arrangement.  There’s not a whole lot to cover mistakes and/or add dynamics so contrary to popular belief, I think an acoustic set is more difficult and takes more planning than a full band. Luckily this week I had some very talented musicians who made the whole thing killer!

What’s your favorite set?

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