Easter Recap

Oh Happy Day (sister act version) – Oh yes we did!
Happy Day (Tim Hughes)
All Because Of Jesus (Fee)
Viva La Vida (Coldplay) – I know you’re jealous!
-cardboard testimonies-
How Great (Tomlin) – Chorus only.
-message 2-
King Of Glory (Third Day)
Mighty To Save (United)

me – vox/agtr
Dave – keys/vox
Kevin – egtr
Daniel – egtr
Dan – bass/vox
Brandon – drums
Lynette – vox

too many to name (about 15 total)

audio – Andy
audio 2 – AJ
video – Andi
lights – Bradley

highlight: Wow… where to start?  Attendance was all time high, the Chorus Chorus (choir) rocked it, testimonies brought buckets, my wife and I got to do ministry together…  yeah, that’s it.  I think the highlight of the weekend was the fact that Staci and I got to serve together in our gifts.  She helped orchestrate the cardboard testimonials and sang in the choir while I directed the band and lead worship.  There was one point where we were talking on stage and it hit me…  I was like, “wow, we’re really working as a team here!”  It almost brings me to tears even to think about it.  There’s nothing better than when you get to function in your gifting along side your soul mate.  Not that taking care of the boys isn’t…  well, you get my point!  😉

challenge: Hmmm…  There are always challenges in life and when you add ministry to the picture those challenges get magnified and multiplied.  But I have to say that the biggest challenge this week was holding it together during the testimonies.  I had the priveledge of playing my guitar onstage while people stood in front of me holding up their signs…  Meth Addict/10 years sober, Family falling apart/God restored & saved, Diagnosed with Cancer/Fully Healed by God, etc…  I say priveledge because I was able to see the reaction of the congregation.  I say challenge because it’s hard to hold it together (let alone sing) while everyone in the Church is sobing.

What an amazing weekend!

How was your weekend?

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