Mimicking Others

1111351_little_princessI got this in my inbox today from “Splink“.  You have to watch this video.  Great message!

The lyre bird of Central Australia can mimic other birds (or even humans).  Watch an amazing video to see the many ways he can mimic others, even a chainsaw and a car alarm. One of the ways you can be a hypocrite is to “mimic” others. Instead of being or doing what you know is right, you act like others. 
How can mimicking others lead you to do wrong things? (You join in their wrong behaviors, like using bad words, drinking, stealing, cheating, etc.)
What can you do when you are tempted to imitate others in wrong behaviors? (Ask God for help, talk to parents, leave, say, “No, thanks”)

Sometimes I try to be like Lenny Kravitz…  I’m just saying…  😉

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