Passion Mexico City

1If you know anything about me, you know that I’ve always loved the whole Passion Movement, thing.  But you know what?  For the last year I’ve kind of been at a point where I thought it had run its course.  In fact, I was actually looking around for “the next big thing.”  You know, the thing that’s going to rock the Christians in this nation like the Passion Movement has over the last 10 years or so.  I found a lot of stuff, but nothing that really resonated with me like Passion did.  After much searching I finally settled to look inward.  I began to focus on what God was doing right here at our Church (what a novel concept, right?).  As I did, I realized that there are a few things happening.
1. Music is a huge part of what we do.
2. The next generation is a huge part of what we do.
3. Our Hispanic population is growing like crazy.
So as Pastors we’re always talking about how we could do ministry better.  And more specifically I’ve been  and we’ve been praying about how to help bridge the gap between the Hispanic population and the rest of our congregation.  Personally I’ve always felt that worship was the best way to build unity in any community.  So in the past we’ve done “I could sing of your love forever” in English and in Spanish and that was a big hit.  Our Hispanic ministry consisting of about 20 people asked me to join them at a night of worship on Tuesday night and we’re going to do “Here I am to worship” in English and in Spanish this week to help setup a Mexico Mission fundraiser thing.
All of this got me thinking of what other songs we could do in Spanish and English.  And as I was looking around for more English/Spanish songs it hit me.  That’s the next big thing.  I believe that God is going to use Bilingual worship to rock our nation.  And imagine my excitement when I came across this…

and this…

louie-giglioSo I guess Passion hasn’t run its course after all, it’s just gone on to bigger and better things and almost left me and my small vision behind!
Our nation is becoming more and more bilingual.  I truly believe that the next generation will see a merging of some type between Mexico and the US.  It’s inevitable and I believe that we (the Church, Big C) need to get there before the rest of the world does, if you know what I mean.  And not only are we right in the middle of it at Chorus (Hispanic Population Explosion, Mexico Missions Emphasis, etc.), but we really had nothing to do with it.  Is that cool or what?
I just got goosebumps!
And if you read this far, thanks for letting me share.  Now get back to work!  😉

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