Catalyst West Forgotten – Guy Kawasaki

guyGuy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. Guy is the author of nine books including Reality Check, The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.

Here is the Catalyst West presentation from Guy Kawasaki through my eyes…

1. Make Meaning
2. Make Mantra
Most Mission Statements suck!
Don’t create a Mission Statement, create a Mantra (2-3 words that describe your Church/Organization)
3. Jump to the next curve
For example, an Ice Making Company might look like this…
Ice 1.0 – We cut Ice during the winter
Ice 2.0 – We freeze our own Ice
Ice 3.0 – We sell you a freezer
Don’t define your Church/Organization by what you currently do, jump to the next curve!

4. Roll The Dice

5. Don’t Worry, Be Crappy!
Don’t wait for perfection to pull the trigger, take risks.

6. Polarize People!
Go for Mission Impossible.
Having someone/thing that hates you is better than someone/thing that is indifferent about you.

7. Let 100 Flowers Blossom
Go with what/who God gives you even if they’re not who you envisioned for the job/position.

8. Churn Baby Church
Continue to upgrade your Church/Product…  1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.  Constantly be about evolution.

9. Nitch Thyself
Think in terms of Uniqueness vs. Value
Examples are Fandango and The Clear Card

10. Follow The 10, 20, 30 Rule
When giving a presentation plan on using no more than 10 Presentation slides, 20 minutes and a 30pt font.  (I find it funny that he didn’t exactly follow this rule for his very own presentation).  😉

11. Watch Out For Dangerous Bozos!
Don’t let the Bozos grind you down.  “If you want to see what God thinks of money, look at who He gives it to.”

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One thought on “Catalyst West Forgotten – Guy Kawasaki

  1. Jeff T. says:

    His stuff’s real good, man. I grabbed the summary for “Reality Check” and it covers everything it sounds like he talked about…

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