Catalyst West Coast – Forgotten

Kristian_160x100You know how you go to a conference, retreat or mission trip and have some of the most intense, overwhelming life changing moments and then walk away from it swearing you’re going to tell everyone about it and never forget it but then only a few days later something has distracted you and you’ve totally forgotten about it?  Yeah, that’s what happened to me and Catalyst West Coast.

Francis_160x100Pastor Dave and I made it to the conference on Thursday.  Dave’s not much of a conference guy so I was proud of him for getting there early and staying late.  He never once complained and actually took away quite a bit, however he decided not to return to the Friday session so I set out on my own planning to meet up with some friends Bobby, Alex & Jimmy.  Well, while on the 91 heading to Irvine my van blew a head gasket so I ended up spending the morning figuring out what to do with it.  I finally made it to Mariners around 11am, enjoyed the rest of the conference and scored a ride home with Alex that night (thanks Alex).

But in the midst of all the car issues I totally forgot to share my Catalyst West experience with you.  So I’ll take the next few posts relaying the notes I took.  If you’re interested in hearing my take on what some of the leading minds in ministry today had to say then tune in.  If not, pick me back up in about 9 or 10 posts…  😉

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