Worship Recap – cutting songs

We had a good time worshiping today.  I pulled out a couple of older worship tunes because they fit with the message titled, “God gets rejection”.  We did those mostly acoustic.  I also ended up cutting a song due to a couple of reasons which I listed below.

Here was the setlist for today.

Awesome is the Lord (Tomlin)
All we need (Hall)
Oh lead me (Delirious)
Me and Jesus (Stellar Kart)
He knows my name (Walker)
Blessed be Your name (Redman)

We ended up cutting “Me and Jesus” for a couple of reasons.  #1 we just weren’t nailing it.  #2 It was a little bit heavy for the setting.  Here’s what I mean.  Our men’s advance was this weekend so a lot of guys were gone leaving more women than men in the seats.  That song is pretty much punk rock so I think it was appropriate to cut it.

Do you ever cut songs from your setlist?

On another note, we’ve started getting some complaints about the volume level in our room.  I’ve talked with our sound guys and I’m trying something different.  Each week I roll all of the instruments in our monitors back to zero.  That way we start with our natural stage volume.  Then after we play a song or two I ask what people need in their monitors.  Today over half of the musicians said that they didn’t need anything!  I think people don’t realize that rather than turning up their own instruments in the monitors they can just turn down the other instruments.

How do you do your sound checks?

One thought on “Worship Recap – cutting songs

  1. Karl says:

    Nice. It’s hard to cut a song on Sunday morning, because you feel bad that your musicians put so much time into it. At least that’s how I feel. But in the end, ya…I think you gotta have the guts to say, ‘Yep. Nobody else besides us is ever going to hear this.’ lol I’ve had to do that a couple time, and am always glad I did. 🙂

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