lenny kravitz

We were messing around with “Let Love Rule” at Church this Sunday.  It just so happens that I ran across this video today.  Too cool!

Here’s another view with better audio…  Watch how the kit starts falling apart and Lenny just keeps playing without missing a beat…  😉

3 thoughts on “lenny kravitz

  1. sal says:

    What I noticed about this is the guy playing guitar…. those riffs are so tasty that Lenny dosent want to play guitar put would rather jump on the drums!!!

  2. team4given says:

    Totally noticed that too… He stands there and watches/listens for a bit and then says, “okay, here’s where I can contribute.” I wish more musicians were like that!

    And if you watch the 2nd video you can see him being very respectful of the choir director who approaches him about jumping in.


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