awesome weekend

matt papa

I have to say… Church today was pretty sweet.  Good teaching (Greg England), great announcements (Randy Josselyn), killer band/tech team and we got to leave the Church setup!  It doesn’t get much better than that!  This is our setlist…

me – egtr/agtr/vox
Beka – vox/synth
David – egtr/vox
Mike- drums/vox
Guy – bass

Stars (Switchfoot)
All We Need (Charlie Hall)
Let The Praises Ring (Brewster)
Open Hands (Matt Papa)
Here In Your Presence (Desperation)
Here In Your Presence (Desperation)
Stars (Switchfoot)

Fred Shroeder – Audio
Josh Axene – Audio/Lights
Jessie – ProPresenter
Vanessa – I’m not really sure what Vanessa was doing today…  Just hanging out with Jessie I guess!  😉

I have to admit, I wasn’t real big on doing the song “Open Hands” but in the end I think it was a good choice.  We got some good feedback on that one even though it was just a bit outside of my range.  A big thanks to Mike and Dave for pushing that one through!  😉

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