ericstaci1999 was the year.  It was a year of new beginnings.  Staci and I married in October, we had a new apartment, a new church and new jobs in the secular industry.  It wasn’t long before we realized that we would never be truly fulfilled unless we were whole-heartedly, unashamedly, in fast pursuit of the kingdom of God.  God had put a vision in our hearts for ministry, and we couldn’t shake it!

In that same year God gave us a vision for a new church in the San Diego area.  I remember it to this day.  It was a beautiful morning, I was praying in the front room of our tiny one bedroom apartment.  In that little apartment God gave me a big vision.   It was the vision for a new, creative, kingdom focused church in the San Diego area.  People were on their knees crying out to God for their families, for their neighbors and for their city.  The presence of God was so thick that I can still envision it today.  It’s that vision that Staci and I have been chasing ever since.

Sixteen years, six churches and four cities later, we believe that God is saying, “Now is the time!”.  We’re excited to get to work.  We’re excited to watch Him work!  We’re excited to see the vision become a reality!


IMG_4905We envision a community where the purposes of God converge with the people of God in pursuit of the kingdom of God.

We envision a place where creative minds are set free to give birth to a collective mission.

We envision a place where people are encouraged to find and fulfill their purpose in Christ.

We envision a place where diverse communities are encouraged, spiritual gifts are enhanced and new leaders are empowered to pursue their own visions.

It’s all finally coming together right here where it started, and that’s why we’re calling it Convergence Community Church.


sipnsee1If you’d like to partner with Staci and I in pursuit of this vision, there are a number of ways to do so.

PRAY: First and foremost, we covet your prayers.  Simply send us an email and we’ll put you on our prayer list.  We view this as a partnership, so while you’ll get regular updates from us on how you can pray, we hope to get the same from you.  We’d love to begin partnering with you wherever we find ourselves and we know that starts with prayer.

GIVE: We’ve watched over the years as God has provided for our needs in miraculous ways.  One of my favorite mottos has always been “We want to do something so crazy, so outrageous, so impossible for the Lord that it’s destined to fail unless He’s in it.”  For whatever reason that always seems to revolve around money.  It takes people like you giving of their resources to make a vision this big become a reality.  And His word promises that if you give, not out of compulsion but from His leading, “you will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.” (2 Cor. 9:11, ESV)  So please pray about what God would have you give and click this link to give, or send a check to:

Eric & Staci Beeman
7150 Macquarie St.
La Mesa, Ca. 91942

JOIN: Ultimately, there’s no greater way to support this vision than to join us in its fulfillment.  If something you’ve read or heard about us resonates with you, please consider joining our team.  Just head on over to our website or send us an email and we’ll get you connected with this ministry right away!


We look forward to sharing stories of God’s immeasurable grace with you and many others next year.  It all starts right here.  It’s all coming together right now.  It all begins where the purpose of God converges with the people of God in pursuit of the kingdom of God.

Convergence Community Church

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