The word is out!  We’re planting a church and it feels so good!  Some people have been asking, what does it look like to plant a church?  Where are you going to meet?  Who are your staff?  What are you doing?

Here’s the deal.  Too often church planters get a head of themselves in answering questions like this.  They don’t take the time to see who and what God wants them to be and do.  They do all kinds of planning and spend all kinds of money and unfortunately, their first services look something like this…

Church isn’t about the steeple, it’s about the people.  Church is about family, community and serving.  It’s not about a building.  As we’ve been praying about the “where” and the “what” we God has been responding with, “Start where you’re at.”  For us, that means right here in our home.

Starting this Thursday we’ll be having Core Group Gatherings in our home.  If you’re interested in seeing what that might look like, hit me up or head on over to our ConvergenceSD website.

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