When Staci and I got married, I quit my job as a Youth Pastor because I needed to make a living.  The church I was working for was paying me $800 a month to run a 10,000 square foot skatepark and oversee a Middle School Ministry had over 200 kids…  but I digress.  The bottom line is that I needed a job to support our new family.  That being the case I began to pray.  Unfortunately, some felt that wasn’t enough.  I remember the comments to this day.
You’re never gonna get a job sitting around and praying all day.
You need to get out there and look for a job!
No one’s going to just call you out of the blue and offer you a job!
Do you know what happened?  That’s right, I set my heart towards hearing from the Lord and He answered.  All on His own…  Without my help!  Out of the blue I got a call from a Christian business owner that had heard I was looking for a job.  I went down and met with him and he gave me the job on the spot!
power-of-prayerPrayer and fasting are important spiritual disciplines that every Christian can benefit from.  I’m not saying that God will answer you the way He answers me, but I’m not saying He won’t either.  I can only speak of what scripture teaches and my personal experiences.  I do know this.  Anyone that tells you God doesn’t answer prayer has either never tried it or simply sent a busy signal when God called.  God is faithful to respond to prayer and promises a reward for those who fast!
That’s right!  In studying about fasting, I’ve learned that there is indeed a reward associated with fasting.  He rewards us with answers to our prayers, blessings in abundance, alignment with His heart and sometimes even a changing of His own heart on our behalf (2 Kings 20)!
“But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”  Matt. 6:18
So let me encourage you to set your heart toward God’s heart.  Take time to pray and to fast and then watch and see how God responds!  What could it hurt?

One thought on “Fasting

  1. Diane Weeks says:

    Eric, this is a wonderful message. I needed to be reminded of fasting. I am a strong believer in prayer for all things. But I have left the fasting out of the equation for a long time. Thank you for the reminder. I will be sharing your message with Tony as well.

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